The Indian Mangoes


Shastha Foods would like to inform all customers about the nature of Alphonso mangoes and an important disclaimer regarding the same. Alphonso mangos are highly regarded for its unique texture, rich flavor, and high nutritional value. However, it is important to recognize that it may also have a common internal pulp defect known as ‘Spongy Tissue.’

Spongy Tissue is a physiological disorder that causes the breakdown of the pulp, and it is not detectable from the outside. It means that you can only identify the issue by cutting the fruit open.

It is important to understand that while a mango may have spongy tissue in some places, the rest of the fruit can still be fine and edible. We want to emphasize the significance of recognizing this irregularity associated with Alphonso Mangoes.

Since this spongy tissue syndrome in Alphonso mangoes cannot be detected by visual inspection, Shastha Foods will not be responsible for refunding or replacing any Alphonso mangoes affected by spongy tissue. 

This means that you will be buying Alphonso Mangoes at your own risk. At the same token, we would like to assure you that our vendors are highly reliable and are conversant with produce types, risks and inspection process. However, Nature charts its own course.


Step into our sun-kissed haven of sweetness and flavor, where the air itself hums with the secrets of tropical sunsets. Here, the mangoes are ambassadors of paradise, their golden saffron and fiery orange hues reminiscent of the rays of the setting sun. Each mango, a globe of promise, cradles the essence of juicy indulgence.

As you draw near, you inhale a symphony of nectar-sweet perfume—a fragrance that lingers in the air, whispering tales of distant lands. At your first bite, the mango becomes a time-traveler’s delight, transporting you to a place of unending the laughter of sunbeams, the whispers of monsoon rains, and the warmth of lazy summer afternoons. They are the promise of summer, the sun’s sweetest secret, and the reason why, in this haven, we believe that paradise is a mango.

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